Letter: Hobby Lobby's stance

May 5, 2014 

So Hobby Lobby executives don't want to be "forced" to violate their "religious rights" by having to pay for contraceptives for their female employees. They should have a chat with the Catholic Church to see how that "no contraception" thing worked out for them.

It's a slippery slope to argue that your Christian rights are more important than the Christian rights of your neighbor, ignoring the various possible inter-religious permutations.

Historically, that attitude leads to bad things: discrimination, slavery, civil wars, lynchings, burning at the stake, inquisitions, hundred-year wars -- that sort of thing.

If Hobby Lobby executives really want to maintain their "religious rights" on this point, they should lobby (no pun intended) for single-payer health care. They could then argue with the government, rather than their Christian neighbors, that they should have the "religious right" to not be forced to pay the portion of their income tax that supports a morally offensive part of the federal budget.

They could talk to the anti-war protesters of the Vietnam War era who made the same argument; see how that "won't pay our taxes" thing worked out for them.


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