Letter: Legal marijuana's problems

May 5, 2014 

In his April 21 letter, "Legalized Marijuana," Eric Kalia wrote that when it comes to marijuana, "We are supposed to be competent adults, capable of self-regulation." No offense, but the whole reason behind the banning of marijuana is because people were unable to make the responsible choice. After 1905, one state at a time began banning pot because lawmakers found it to be harmful and a gateway drug to more serious drugs.

The best part of his letter is when Kalia wrote "legalizing marijuana will make us freer and create a more responsible future for our kids."

How on Earth does a damaging drug make us free? How is it good for our children's future? When someone becomes an addict to a substance, they are more of a slave than free because it starts taking over their life. Marijuana has also been proved to damage the part of the brain that controls focus and critical thinking, so that's not exactly the best for our kids who need both to succeed in school.

If pot is made completely legal to where anyone can get it, get prepared for our next generation's future because it won't be a bright one.


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