Mid-Columbia births for Sun, May 4, 2014

May 4, 2014 

Trios Health, Kennewick

MYRICK -- Jennifer and Ryan Rumley, Kennewick, girl, April 18.

ANDRADE -- Alma and Ramon Barajas, Pasco, boy, April 28.

DELINGER -- Ericka and Travis Maki, Kennewick, girl, April 30.

TREVINO -- Yoana and Jose Castillo, Pasco, boy, May 1.

SIMPSON -- Kelsey and Luke, Prosser, boy, May 1.

Walla Walla General Hospital

AVALOS -- Alina and David Lopez-Salazar, Walla Walla, girl. April 24.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

CAZARES -- Amanda, Hermiston, girl, April 21.

LOPEZ -- Elsa, Hermiston, girl, April 23.

DEVIN -- Debra and Mifflin, Boardman, boy, April 23.

ROTHERMUND -- Kylee, Hermiston, girl, April 23.

GALSTAD -- Whitney and Gary, Hermiston, girl, April 24.

BURRIGHT -- Brenda and Jorge Pantoja, Hermiston, boy, April 24.

ESTRADA -- Laura and Olvin Perdomo, Umatilla, boy, April 25.

CIMMIYOTTI -- Raylena and Jacob, Hermiston, boy, April 26.

TAPIA GOMEZ -- Eva and Jose Gomez Ayala, Boardman, boy, April 26.

CONANT -- Tammie and Roland Jr., Hermiston, girl, April 29.

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