Letter -- Public safety tax: Yes

May 4, 2014 

Understanding the importance of supporting public safety, I voted for the public safety sales tax in 2011 when it was offered to Franklin County voters. I'm glad that almost 62 percent of my fellow voters agreed and we were able to approve our measure. Our community is better off with it than without it.

I see that Benton County voters now have the opportunity to support public safety in their county. It is interesting to note that while the Franklin County measure mainly funded the building of facilities, the Benton County measure primarily involves increasing police staffing and funding crime and gang prevention programs. The Benton County measure has a sunset clause of 10 years, at which time voters can reassess the needs. This compares favorably with Franklin County's 30-year measure.

The ballot measure offered to Benton County voters will help make their individual communities safer. Criminals are not restricted by a river or city boundaries, so it's important to realize we are all in it together when it comes to dealing with crime issues.

I hope Benton County voters support their public safety, just as we did several years ago. All of us will benefit, except for the criminals.


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