Letter: Green power?

May 4, 2014 

It is completely beyond comprehension why the U.S. Forest Service would consider opening parts of our national forests for constructing wind machines.

This is such an obviously narrow use for a business that eliminates anybody else access to these lands.

Where is the so-called "green consciousness" in regard to this planned ripoff of public lands, using public funds to further reduce freedom and representation?

Is the main reason the rest of the public will be banned from these lands to keep the public from seeing how much harm will be done to these forests? I was fool enough to vote for the junk initiative that requires a certain percent of "renewable energy" be used in Washington. It has become such a farce, especially since hydroelectric is not considered renewable.

This is another example of a special interest stealing from the public. They couldn't survive without public money. I have never been as sorry for voting for such a piece of trash in my life as I am for that one.

This is also another reason there should be more limitations on lobbyist funding political elections. The USFS has lost its vision of caring for our forests. I do not believe wind machines have even begun to provide enough energy to justify building them in our forests, let alone have them on our hillsides as a constant reminder of their uselessness and as a constant eyesore. "Green?" I would laugh if it didn't make me cry.

JIM YOUNG, Richland

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