Fast Focus: 'Should Richland do more to protect Amon Preserve?' Preserving open spaces

May 4, 2014 

My family moved to the Tri-Cities in 1952 from northern California. We have always enjoyed living in this area with a small-town flavor where we don't have to drive for hours to see something of nature. In many areas across the country we see large housing developments with street after street of houses where you can reach out and touch your next door neighbor. Open spaces and parks appear to be an afterthought.

One of the things I have always loved about the Tri-Cities is that we usually try to preserve some of our small-town flavor with family-friendly spaces and nature preserves.

We can still see wildlife and natural flowing creeks up close and personal. We leave each other space to breathe, our children room to play in their own backyard and a mix of areas with larger lots where we can see horses, cows and sheep without going out to the country.

We have such a chance to preserve another small slice of nature in our backyard with the Amon Creek Preserve flowing through the Meadow Springs area. A new community, Clearwater Creek, has been proposed with a density that will have a major impact on the Amon Creek Preserve. The density of this development needs to be scaled back to minimize impacts on this natural area and the current surrounding neighborhoods.

Is Richland just about growth or are we willing to provide future residents the chance to raise their families in their own space while preserving easily accessible nature areas for the entire area to enjoy?


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