Fast Focus: 'Should Richland do more to protect Amon Preserve?' A community gem

May 4, 2014 

The Amon Creek Natural Preserve (ACNP), located in south Richland, is a real community gem. Its hiking and running trails present its visitors with a wide variety of native plants and animal life, some of it unique to our region. The beaver population has created a true wetland environment and habitat that we desert inhabitants love. Area citizens have spent countless hours removing trash (25 tons), creating and improving the trails, installing signage, restoring paths damaged by illegal vehicle traffic by planting native plants, and watering those native plants via bucket brigade for several seasons. Sadly, however, there is a decided lack of support from our local governmental agencies.

The ACNP is a wetland home to beavers, ducks, geese, otters, songbirds, jackrabbits, owls, blue herons -- and the list goes on. The city of Richland wants to construct a road through the ACNP, essentially destroying much of the preserve as a wildlife habitat and damaging the community open space.

I sincerely urge the city of Richland to become an active partner with its citizens and to support the preservation and maintenance of the ACNP as a valuable community resource. Once it is gone, it cannot be regained. Ever!


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