Fast Focus: 'Should Richland do more to protect Amon Preserve?' Just say no

May 4, 2014 

Richland can do more to protect the Amon Creek Natural Preserve. The free-flowing water and springs provide sustenance for the wild life along the creek. Richland can do more to protect this space and support roads and development as the city grows to the south. Look at Richland's Leslie Groves and Howard Amon parks and their trails along the Columbia River and compare that to the new developments down by Columbia Point. Hotels, restaurants, and condominiums are tight up against the river with only a narrow pedestrian and bike trail. Will this be the future for the Amon Creek?

Richland Planning Commission could not make a decision and is passing it on to the city council, now the Tri-City Herald is asking the citizens lend an opinion ... a little late. I have lived in south Richland for more than 30 years when Leslie and Gage could handle the traffic easily. Today it's bumper-to-bumper on these roads, only getting worse as new subdivisions and development flourish in south Richland and Badger Canyon.

Say no to further development and roads in the fragile Amon Preserve! There could have been wonderful trails from Badger Canyon to the Yakima River with proper long-range planning.

-- JAMES KELLY, Richland

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