Fast Focus: 'Should Richland do more to protect Amon Preserve?' Naming names

May 4, 2014 

I do not belong to the Tapteal Greenway organization nor am I a Richland resident. However, I've lived in the Tri-Cities for almost 68 years, keenly aware of the unending destruction and loss of precious open spaces. Therefore, I adamantly disagree with the Richland city plan to build a road across the Amon Creek Natural Preserve, a road that cannot help but negatively impact nature.

Ironically, parties normally at odds, Tapteal Greenway and Hayden Homes, mutually sacrificed to build homes while buffering the preserve. However, Richland officials demand a road is necessary and desired. Really? There was not a single citizen at the planning commission meeting in favor of the road. Where or from whom is the pressure for the road coming? Is saving a few minutes in a daily commute worth losing this pristine area forever?

I suggest a permanent marker be erected noting the city's decision and the names of those who finally decide on the fate of this special wetland. It seems appropriate that these individuals receive "credit" for their decision, one that impacts the entire Tri-Cities, and a decision that will either be a gift or a disgrace for posterity.

-- JIM DEATHERAGE, Kennewick

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