Fast Focus: 'Should Richland do more to protect Amon Preserve?' Building bridges

May 4, 2014 

Richland should absolutely do everything possible to avoid further development that impacts Amon Creek Preserve. I won't even try to improve on the Herald's eloquent reasoning (Our Voice, April 24) as it is spot on. I spent a 34-year career on mitigation projects to try and replace habitat that was destroyed by development. Rarely can it ever be put back the way it was. Amon Creek and the associated riparian habitat provide a natural travel lane for wildlife. Putting a road across it is just asking for trouble. It will be an unnatural barrier resulting in vehicle/wildlife collisions and perpetual headaches from beavers, just doing what they do ... building dams across culverts. Lots of people live between the Columbia River bridges and we've all learned how to drive around to the other side instead of building another bridge.

-- ROCKY ROSS, Pasco

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