After two decades, adoption's final chapter revealed

Posted by Lucy Luginbill on May 4, 2014 

For privacy, the names in this story have been changed.

Waiting. Watching. Emotions once again rippling across her heart — the place where this story is written.

Chapter after chapter had been etched with tears, memories, and love for an infant daughter — a tiny bundle she had given up to another. A teen pregnancy, an open adoption, and years of wondering had shaped the storyline.

Did her little girl think of her as she grew to be a woman? Would they someday share an embrace? Or would this birthmother stand a lifetime on the edge of hope.

“I promised I’d never interfere,” *Laura explains, “even though there were times I wanted to drive by and see her.”

Through pictures mailed faithfully by a grateful adoptive couple, the Kennewick businesswoman lived vicariously: the first locks of trimmed hair, a two-wheel adventure, and — too soon for all — a high school graduation hat tossed high.

Then as college years neared their end, the final chapter was about to be written.

An extraordinary coincidence had brought Laura face to face with her daughter’s college roommate — and the news she’d longed to hear. Her once-upon-a-time daughter thought of her often, the student had told her, and hoped someday to meet the woman who had chosen life — her life.

But when would that moment come?

“I’m in bed one night watching TV,” Laura remembers the surprise that rocked her world, “and I get a phone call from Jennifer. We talked, we laughed, we cried.”

And then came an invitation into her daughter’s life.

“I’d really like to meet you first before my college graduation,” the voice now tentative said softly, “so it’s not so awkward.”

Thinking back on those heartfelt words, Laura sat quietly days later in a quaint Ellensburg cafe, her eyes trained on the door. It opened and the years dissolved in tears and an embrace.

Here stood the full story — her long-ago gift, given up out of love. And for a once-childless couple, adoring grandparents and myriad friends, the lifetime ripple of that loving decision has been beyond measure.

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