Letter: Animal Control hours

May 3, 2014 

Letter: Animal Control hours

I am confused. Tri-Cities Animal Control wants to identify a culprit who left a sick dog tied up at its facility, and it doesn't understand why people dump these poor, innocent animals off without a care as to when "we are there."

Tri-Cities Animal Control is not open on Sunday or Mondays, but do the animals in its care go two days without food and water? What is Tri-Cities Animal Control doing to educate the community about its schedules and resources? A manhunt is not the answer.

Is there a sign posted with emergency numbers listed and someone ready to answer? I called about a stray once and didn't get a response for three business days. In this situation, the upside is that at least this dog's owners left the dog where they thought the dog could get some help. I'm sure it was with a heavy heart they abandoned their pet. Let's show them some empathy and spend the $1,000 reward a patron is offering for information about the dog to publicize and staff an emergency phone number.


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