Letter: Avoiding true religion

April 29, 2014 

What is our government doing for us?

I am disappointed with our government, especially the federal group. Federal officials are constantly trying to circumvent the law to gain power rather than to serve the people.

Their goal of gun control is a good example. Common knowledge with proven science shows that those governments that allow all citizen to have guns are the safest. What with the recent stabbing in schools, I'm sure some whiz will want to ban knives now.

These leaders never will accept the idea that the true basis for peace requires religion and science together. They will do anything to avoid acceptance of true religion. They do not consider that refusal to accept God is a negative religion but acceptable to them. Our local and good religious leaders have worked for years (and are working) to make this a country of integrity, honesty and godliness. The present leadership seems to avoid making the country great. In fact, our leaders seem to promote dissension and problems -- confusion is their game.


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