Help sought to identify owners of sick dog left outside Pasco shelter

Tri-City HeraldApril 29, 2014 

— Tri-Cities Animal Control is seeking information about a dog left tied up at the Pasco shelter about two weeks ago.

The female blond-colored lab mix with white strips around her eyes was discovered by animal shelter staff April 15 when they arrived at work at 7:30 a.m., said Angela Zilar, director of the shelter.

The animal appeared malnourished and in pain and was immediately taken to Dr. Charles Coleman at the Pet Medical Center of Pasco for treatment, Zilar said.

The dog had to be put down because of advanced cancer, she said.

“We don’t know how long this poor dog was tied to our fence at the shelter because we are closed Sunday and Monday,” Zilar said. “She was in so much pain she couldn’t even lie down because her stomach was so swollen. I just wish whoever did this to her would have at least called and told us she was there. Then we could have sent someone to the shelter right away.”

Zilar said an investigation is under way to discover who abandoned the dog and she believes they may be getting closer to identifying the culprit.

“One of our patrons offered up a $1,000 reward for information about this dog,” she said.

Anyone with information should call 545-3740.

“I understand if people can’t care for a pet in poor health,” Zilar said. “What I don’t understand is why they just dump these poor, innocent animals off without a care as to when we are there. Call us. Leave a message anonymously. Just let us know so they don’t lie outside like this dog did in pain and in need of immediate help.”

-- Dori O’Neal: 582-1514;; Twitter: @dorioneal

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