Letter: No to Obama's clemency plan

April 28, 2014 

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama seek to provide clemency for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of convicted felons.

According to the Justice Department, "The fundamental American concept, equal justice under the law, requires that laws be enforced fairly."

Some 8,000 felons would be free today if sentenced under the new law. However these criminals were tried by a jury, convicted and sentenced by a judge based on the law at their apprehension. Don't callously disregard the service and judgements of the jurors and judges, don't capriciously insert new guidelines and grandfather in the past wrongdoers.

Even more alarming, has consideration been given to the safety of our citizens, the increased workload on law enforcement and the affect on future deliberations of jurors or judges? This seems to be a slippery slope, today crack dealers, tomorrow pedophiles and rapists. Jails are overcrowded, but spacious rooms are not a right.

If it truly is "equal justice under the law," then if you commit the crime, you serve the time. It is irresponsible of the Justice Department and the president to apply new sentencing guidelines to past offenses and endanger the rest of society.

GABE LYONS, Richland

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