Letter: Support state's teachers

April 28, 2014 

Letter: Support state's teachers

I stand with the teachers in the state's public schools and the statewide teachers union, Washington Education Association.

These are people who dedicate their professional lives assisting our children in the progression and development to understand the substantial challenges of advancing in the world.

It seems ironic that critics, including the Tri-City Herald editorial board occasionally, seem unwilling to accept that teachers need to be organized to defend public education, which is required by the state constitution for children through age 16.

Just after serving in the Navy during World War II, I attended the college that is now Eastern Washington University, but not to become a teacher.

During summer school 1948, I attended classes with teachers who were children's educators with two- and three-year certificates. Since 1947, the Legislature required them to have bachelor's degrees in education. The law was changed to require a fifth year.

During the ensuing 66 years, teachers have become constant targets from forces whose credentials are not always subject too scrutiny, let alone critique. Fairness has long disappeared in this arena. It's about saving public education, not private of charter schools for the parents with other ideas. Or grandstanding opportunities for conservative politicians. Stand with me and the public school teachers and the WEA.


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