Letter: Clive Bundy no hero

April 28, 2014 

Clive Bundy is a thief. He and his "security force" gang are committing armed robbery. Bundy has stolen $1 million from U.S. taxpayers, and his armed gang is helping him steal more. All should be prosecuted.

Bundy nor his ancestors ever owned the land. Both used it, like clandestine marijuana growers use public land to grow their crops. They don't own the land either.

Bundy presented his case in court and lost. The Bureau of Land Management personnel are trying to enforce the law. Although trained in law enforcement, BLM employees are unprepared to fight 40 armed gang members. They need help.

Bundy's assets should be removed from the land and sold to repay U.S. taxpayers; it's what would happen to anyone. An 84-year-old nun was sentenced to three years in prison for trespassing on federal land and damaging fences. She carried no weapons, made no threats and presented no danger. Bundy and his gang should expect no less.

I support the BLM personnel. I'm disappointed that our bureaucracy is not providing them better support, and I'm worried about the ever growing legion of "patriots" who misuse the Constitution to take what they think should be theirs at the expense of everyone else.


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