Letter: KID frustrations

April 28, 2014 

When the water was supposed to come on around April 15, it did, for about one day, then it subsided to a trickle. Since then, I and others on my block have contacted Kennewick Irrigation District offices numerous times and recently spoke to one of the young field guys. He was clueless as to how things worked in this old neighborhood. I also spoke to one of their "engineers."

Someone did something to stop the water, but no one seems to know who, what, why or when. My whole block is without KID water and they can't seem to get it figured out. My grass is parched, along with everyone else's lawn. My KID bill of about $150 is due at the end of the month. If I don't get water soon, I'm suing them for failure to provide contracted services. I'm tired of their arrogance.

We on this block have had this problem every year and we're tired of begging KID to get things turned on. It needs to serve its customers as agreed upon.

LARRY WHEAT, Kennewick

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