Letter: Gas prices too high

April 27, 2014 

What's with the price of fuel? It keeps going up and up. The price per gallon is 20 cents a gallon higher at several stations around town. This stuff is free in the ground, but oil companies and your Congress have figured out a way to charge taxes and processing fees (profit) to the price to get the cost out of sight.

You can complain to your congressman to no avail, like having a fox guarding the henhouse. The government gets its income from the for-profit oil companies, which make money on the free oil in the ground.

There is no commodity that affects the economy as much as oil, from growing a crop, to manufacturing and transportation, and whatever adds to the price (profit). All you get from your congressman is a lame excuse for a rise.

In my lifetime, I've seen gas prices go from 15 cents to almost $4 a gallon. Hard to take.

JOHN P. HAYDON, Kennewick

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