Letter: Election prediction

April 22, 2014 

It's certain that many phony computer "glitches" will pop up this November when minorities, college students and women attempt to obtain voter identifications in racist, voter-suppression states like Texas and North Carolina (Thanks, Chief Justice Roberts and our do-nothing Congress). The Confederate wing of the Republican Party won't surrender the dominance of angry old white men in those states without fighting to the last angry old white man. Republicans may presently control many statehouses, but their ruling days are coming to an end.

The Republicans were fortunate that after crashing the economy in 2008, they capitalized in 2010 on the perfect storm created by an economy that was recovering too slowly, an off-year election, a Democrat in the White House (an African-American one at that), a census year and victories in state elections that gave them the power to gerrymander congressional districts.

That won't change completely until 2020. The economy will be better, though not as robust as we'd like in this increasingly globalized, automated world.

More importantly, Hillary Clinton will be running for a second time (against Mike Huckabee?), and America's demographic changes will drive those angry old white men even further into obscurity. I'm delighted at the prospect; how about you?


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