Letter: Lopsided cartoon

April 22, 2014 

Big shame on you Herald, because I need to watch my verbiage. Your willingness to put such a lopsided cartoon (Opinion, April 17) about the rancher in Nevada whose family has owned this land since the 1800s and have been grazing their cattle on this same land.

You published this cartoon showing a loon, which is far from the truth. This man was protecting his property from a government full of greed. Federal action was instigated by none other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, to build a solar farm on said land, not to save a turtle, which has been their premise.

I no longer buy into your views and your paper. Shame on the sham!

Tim Baker, Richland

-- Editor's note: Editorial cartoons represent the views of the cartoonist, not the Herald editorial board. Because our editorial board's focus is on the Mid-Columbia, editorial cartoons frequently comment on national issues that the editorial board hasn't taken a position on, which is the case with the April 17 cartoon.

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