Election Letter -- Congress: Wheeler

April 21, 2014 

Normally I shed a few tears on April 15 when submitting my federal tax return along with a check satisfying my tax bill. This year was different. My tears became a deluge. Caterpillar Tractor avoided $2.4 billion in taxes according to the Wall Street Journal.

Caterpillar paid a high-priced accounting firm $55 million to devise and carry out a tax strategy that allowed it to avoid this tax liability. Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., put it bluntly: "When big companies find ways to avoid taxes, they shift taxes onto the backs of middle class families."

I don't mind paying taxes. It is the method I object to. I support replacing the entire tax code with the Fair Tax proposal. It would drastically change the way the federal government collects revenues to operate. It eliminates the need for companies to spend money to avoid taxes. The Fair Tax bill will be difficult to pass in the House of Representatives and probably never see the light of day in the "shelve any house bills" Senate if it did. I'm looking for a congressional candidate who supports real tax reform to replace the honorable Doc Hastings. Jamie Wheeler is just that candidate.

DAN SUTER, West Richland

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