Letter: Natural persons constitutional amendment

April 21, 2014 

Initiative 1329 is being circulated by unpaid volunteers who are collecting signatures to get it on the November ballot. To qualify for the ballot, 250,000 valid signatures are needed. They must be collected and turned into the state by the end of June.

When voted on and passed by Washington citizens, the I-1329 will urge immediate action by current and future members of the Washington state congressional delegation to propose a joint resolution for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarifying that:

1. The rights of people protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only.

2. All citizens should have an equal voice in the political process, and no person or artificial legal entity should gain undue influence over government as a result of financial resources. Federal, state, and local governments must be fully empowered to regulate all political contributions and expenditures to meet this goal.

3. All political contributions and expenditures must be publicly disclosed in a full and timely manner.

I-1329 volunteers are in the Tri-Cities at various events, near stores and strip malls. Special signature gathering events are posted on Move to Amend, Tri-Cities Facebook page. See WAmend.org for more info.


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