Letter: Legalized marijuana

April 20, 2014 

Letter: Legalized marijuana

I am writing because of the recent initiative making pot legal.

In this situation, we must remain focused. Diligently, we must take matters out of the hands of the government, which has regulated drugs poorly. Drug treatment needs attention in our community for reasons of harder drugs than marijuana.

We are supposed to be competent adults, capable of self-regulation. Drug laws unevenly account for many black and latino arrests, and our communities are policed like the inner-cities. It's wrong not to demand the best in drug treatment for our community, because we will someday need it.

Remember that smoking marijuana might cure your ailments or fry your brain, but at least it's your choice. We should be building a better, freer, more responsible future for our children with drug treatment available and discussed by then.

ERIC KALIA, Richland

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