Letter: Ki-Be puppet in place

April 20, 2014 

Kiona-Benton City School board Chairman Tim Cook was worried about the $9,000 to find a qualified person to serve as school superintendent for the children of Benton City, yet he is more than willing to pay $10,000 a month to a man with no educational experience at all.

I guess what Cook thinks "is best for the kids," is a man who does whatever the school board wants, not a qualified or experienced superintendent. Cook is the only person who believes the initial plan was not to keep interim Superintendent Wade Haun. That was the school board's plan all along. Why else would Haun have quit his job of many years to take a job that was only going to last a few months?

Cook seems to think the people of Benton City can't see what is happening -- the school board is running the school. Haun is just a puppet put in place by the school board. Let the string pulling begin.

STEVE SMITH, Benton City

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