Letter: Self-interest voting

April 20, 2014 

Recent letters to the editor espousing voting for our individual "self-interests" remind me of a 2-year-old in a grocery store candy aisle throwing a temper tantrum. "I want candy and I want it now."

I believe we should be voting for what is best for our country and the people within it. Democracies are destroyed when large numbers of voters vote for a "free lunch" at the expense of others.

A mature voter votes what is best for our country and our future. That may mean voting against the narrow self-interests of Hanford, the Tri-Cities or even Washington state if that is what is best for our country and our future.

How can we expect members of Congress to vote for the good of the nation if they are elected by a group of selfish, self-interested voters? We need responsible, informed voters who are willing to consider the implications of policies on our nation, not just themselves.


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