Letter: Amon Creek threatened

April 20, 2014 

I concur with the recent letter from Marc Spinner regarding the Kennewick Irrigation District's approach to the Amon Wasteway (aka Amon Creek to us community citizens). The approach was detailed in the April 2014 issue of the KID newsletter sent to all KID customers. This publication included a one-page article titled, "The Amon Wasteway." In this article, KID claims ownership of the wasteway, and as a result of reducing seepage in its canals, KID will reduce flows in the Amon Wasteway. Accordingly this will allow the "Amon Basin to more closely resemble the dry canyon that it was in its natural state, before the onset of irrigation."

I will allow others to determine the validity of KID's legal claims regarding Amon Creek. However, I take exception to KID's arrogance in unilaterally determining the future of Amon Creek.

Amon Creek is a community treasure that should not just be dried up at the whim of KID. This is a decision for our community to participate in making. Speak up folks, before Amon Creek is gone.


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