Letter: Domestic abuse prevention event set for Friday

April 19, 2014 

Domestic violence is a devastating problem that affects us all. DV affects the well-being, safety and stability of children who face exposure to traumatic events, neglect, direct abuse and the risk of losing one or both of their parents. It's important to know that many children do well in spite of domestic violence.

Many things help support the natural resiliency in children: having positive connections to loved ones, siblings, peers, self and to creation; having opportunities to talk about events and to express feelings; and having good information about abuse, including being told "It's not your fault," and, "You deserve to feel safe." It's also important for nonabusive parents and their kids to be safe, supported and together.

There is help for children exposed to domestic violence. Domestic Violence Services is a resource for anyone concerned about someone affected by domestic violence. Please call us at 509-582-9841 to talk to an advocate.

You can join DVS in supporting child abuse prevention at the Circle of Caring event at 4:30 p.m. Friday at the Safe Harbor Support Center, 1111 N. Grant Place, Kennewick.

Domestic violence is a complex issue with no simple solutions but it's easy for all of us to do something!


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