Letter: Today in History columns disrespectful to Margaret Thatcher

April 19, 2014 

I'm responding to the April 13 "Today in History" column, which referred to opponents of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher celebrating her death and chanting "Ding Dong! The witch is dead."

I couldn't be more outraged that you would include this garbage as "news" for this date in 2013. I understand that the material for this column is provided by The Associated Press. Why am I not surprised?

I assume the Herald is not obligated to run it, but why didn't someone edit it out? I also checked the April 8 column, which is the date Thatcher died last year. Nothing about the first anniversary of her death, but a lot about Kurt Cobain's demise 20 years ago. Could this be a pattern of what the Herald thinks is newsworthy?

Thatcher was one of the truly great world leaders of her time. She was a rarity: a conviction politician, willing to forfeit popularity to advance policies in which she fervently believed. She was a strong and decisive leader who played a key roll in bringing the Soviet Union to its knees and ending the Cold War. The Herald's "Today in History" columns were an insult to this remarkable person.

JON NEELY, Richland

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