Sun Downs opener includes Boekenoogan Memorial

April 18, 2014 

The 25th running of the Boekenoogan Memorial and two Dick Monahan/American Quarterhorse Maiden Challenge trials are the highlights of the first day of the 2014 Sun Downs horse racing meet today at the Benton County Fairgrounds.

In 1941, a young Sis Boekenoogen and her close friend, Abigail Kawananakoa — who grew up together in the same village in Hawaii — were on a ship heading to the U.S. mainland when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Sis married a California rancher named Bob Boekenoogen, and they eventually made their way up to the Northwest. Sis decided to get involved in quarterhorse racing and had Kennewick's Lin Melton train her horses.

Abigail, ever the competitive sort, decided to get into quarterhorse racing too. She purchased a ranch in the Mid-Columbia while living on her estate in Hawaii.

In the 1980s, Bob Boekenoogen passed away.

That's when the family decided to put on the race. The Boekenoogan estate has a memorial every year.

Sis Boeknoogen passed away about nine years ago, but the race has continued on.

Bcr Beat the Traffic, a 7-year-old gelding with $17,003 in career winnings, is the oddsmaker’s favorite for the 250-yard race.

For the trials, 13 horses are entered for 10 spots in the finals, set for May 3.

Cm Undertainfluence is the pre-trials favorite with $10,793 in career earnings.

First post today is at 1 p.m.

Trey Fecta

Trey is back to make his picks this spring, starting with an imaginary bankroll of $300 — provided by the Herald — for the meet.

In the first, we’ll start with Sis Tar for the first half of the Daily Double, and go with a $5 quinella with Sis Tar and Tuff Puzzle.

In the second, it’s Countess Aluerdine for the second half of the Daily Double. Also box an exacta with Countess Aluerdine and Kevins Last Shot.

In the third, bet $10 to win on Gotaminute.

For the fourth, the first of the two Maiden Challenge trials, we’re boxing a trifecta of Rock de Noche, Midway Monster and One Prompt Outlaw.

In the fifth, it’s $10 to win on Wings Like Eagles.

For the sixth, we’ll want a $5 quinella on Fastest and Lit’l in Din Boy.

In the seventh, we’re taking Run to Ground as the first half of the Late Double, and betting $5 across the board on him.

We’re taking Catlow Rim as the second half of the Late Double in the eighth, plus boxing an exacta with La Jackye.

That’s $69 in wagers.

Today’s entries

First post 1 p.m.

FIRST — QH mdn, 3YO&Up, $1,300 purse, 300 yards: 1. Kimz Jewel; 2. Kipy Ki Yo Ki Ya; 3. Enriques Miracle; 4. Vgw Vegas Encore; 5. Tuff Puzzle; 6. Sis Tar; 7. Fresno Flats.

SECOND — QH alw, 3YO&Up which have never won 2 races, $1,500 purse, 350 yards: 1. Sheza Dash for Honor; 2. Naknek; 3. Ibafierce Diva; 4. She Forged It; 5. Kevins Last Shot; 6. Dont Look Bac; 7. Cpr First Copy; 8. Countess Aluerdine.

THIRD — TB clm $2,500, Fillies and Mares which have not won a race in 2014, $1,500 purse, 4 furlongs: 1. Trudy’s Bianca; 2. Hello Harriet; 3. Shame On Rosie; 4. Tarabunal; 5. Gotaminute; 6. Lady Frangelica.

FOURTH — Dick Monahan/AQHA Maiden Challenge trials, 3YO&Up, $1,800 purse, 350 yards: 1. One Prompt Outlaw; 2. Rock de Noche; 3. Midway Monster; 4. Miss Kitty Zoom; 5. Cm Jess Ta Dandy; 6. Hyho Travio.

FIFTH — Dick Monahan/AQHA Maiden Challenge trials, 3YO&Up, $1,800 purse, 350 yards: 1. Fuzzy Peaches; 2. Wings Like Eagles; 3. Hittin the Mark; 4. Cm Undertainfluence; 5. Mikalo Gold; 6. Js Mr Jazz; 7. El Chicharito.

SIXTH — TB clm $2500, 3YO&Up which have not won a race in 2014, $1,500 purse, 4 furlongs: 1. Lit’l in Din Boy; 2. Dee Rain; 3. Buck’s Bro; 4. Easy Six; 5. Soaring Like Eagle; 6. Fastest.

SEVENTH — TB clm $5000, 3YO&Up which have never won 2 races, $1,500 purse, 4 furlongs: 1. Mister Q.P.; 2. Wild Again Shamus; 3. Run to Ground; 4. Back to Wine; 5. Tizabrightness; 6. Goodlookinggeorge; 7. Liberated Girl; 8. Mr Gnarly.

EIGHTH — Boekenoogan Memorial, QH alw, 3YO&Up, $2,100 purse, 250 yards: 1. The Majestic Sun; 2. La Jackye; 3. Shazoomin for Honor; 4. Bcr Beat the Traffic; 5. Racer Chick; 6. First Daisy; 7. Catlow Rim.

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