Letter: Just say no

April 17, 2014 

I have noticed that the Tri-Cities is quiet -- a little too quiet, if you ask me.

I moved here in 1999 and have seen the community evolve. Recently, it has been different. Now with Hanford losing some of its funding and with the new pot legislation, I swear that everyone is getting high in their homes.

What's their drug of choice? I'm not sure, but prescription abuse is at an epidemic proportion. I think it's across the board -- from kids on up

Drugs equal addiction, equal lost productivity, equal poor health, equal death and violence. Or depending on your viewpoint, equal money.

We are turning into Afghanistan if that is the case. Why? If we financially support the drug trade, then we might as well call ourselves poppy farmers.

I believe that drugs should be medically used to treat medical ailments but not for recreational (unhealthy) stimulation. That is a one-way ticket out of commission for your body and your brain.

Wake up. Put down the pipe.


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