Letter: Kennewick development controversy

April 17, 2014 

Two days ago, I didn't know a thing about the proposed annexation of 18.6 acres west of Gum Street in Kennewick. Having no vested interest in this situation, I only know what I have read in the Herald.

My interest here solely rests in my conviction that the wishes of the owners in this area have their wishes respected. These folks have chosen a particular location and lifestyle that is threatened. And to their credit, they turned out in mass to defend their land. So the city council votes 5 to 2 against annexation, opposition is well expressed, yet the two councilmen who voted for annexation "pointed out" that the proposed housing development "can happen anyway."

Why is that? Forget the majority of the council and the owners in this area, huh, the money is going to talk and the minority will get its way. That, to me, is just wrong. There is enough land and development options going on without messing around in this area near these people's property. Maybe Monogram Homes should take the high road here as well and build elsewhere.

PHIL JONES, Richland

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