Letter: Stray bullets cause concern in Benton City

April 15, 2014 

I recently was folding clothes in my kitchen when I heard a loud pop. I thought my husband had dropped something, but I was so wrong. Someone target shooting nearby shot a bullet right through my bathroom wall.

If I had been in my bathroom, I would have caught the bullet in my leg for sure. The sheriff's office informed me that shooters use a target spot off of Kennedy Road in West Richland all the time and have been told to stop.

With summer coming on, I believe these people can have their fun but not at the risk of hurting others. The farmer who owns the land has been spoken to several times but he still allows this to go on. My question is, "Why?"

What if that stray bullet would have hit someone out for a walk? I have nothing against guns, but we are all held accountable for our actions. I have a lot of children who play outside around me. I keep thinking, what if?


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