Letter: WEA wants best for kids

April 15, 2014 

In its April 13 editorial, the Herald editorial board accused the Washington Education Association of "using children as pawns." The editorial went on to say that, "The teachers' union's latest tactic of encouraging parents to opt-out of standardized testing is self-serving," and that it is a way to promote an adult agenda.

I attended the WEA Representative Assembly where this new business item was approved by the assembly. It was written by four teachers who were concerned because standardized tests were causing their students a great deal of stress and anxiety. The parents of those students were unaware of their right to opt their children out of testing.

WEA is advocating that teachers and parents work together to determine what is best for each child, which is a far cry from, "using children as pawns."

WEA is also encouraging parents to know their rights. If opting out of state testing is best for their child, it is not "self-serving" or "promoting an adult agenda." It is putting the students' needs first.

Finally, before you hurl accusations at teachers and question their motives, get the facts. Teachers want what is best for their students. That is the motivation behind this issue.


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