Letter: Students should arrive with positive traits

April 15, 2014 

Regarding Your Letter Best for April 13 by M.E. Walker, I have three comments:

1. Walk the halls and classrooms of any school and you will witness/see/hear every school staff member, relentlessly trying to teach and show the skills Walker listed, as well as respect, empathy, responsibility, resourcefulness, teamwork, integrity, honesty, self-honesty, positive attitude and more.

2. Should not these life skills, these social values/morality, be taught at home and at the churches? Schools should just reinforce those values -- back up the parents' teachings. It should not be on any school's curriculum to have to "teach" kindness, joy, peace, self-control, love for goodness sake! All these valuable skills should come with the child when they first step into their school. Schools should be the beneficiary of these skills and should be the reinforcement that parents need.

3. After 23 years of working in schools, my observation of what would benefit schools and society, but most importantly, the students, is everyone's help in showing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, meekness and self-control, as well as respect and honesty toward schools and teachers. Kids reflect what their parents teach them, in words and examples. Countering what is taught at home should not be a school's job.


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