Letter: Show respect

April 14, 2014 

I recently visited my parents' graves on the anniversary of my mother's death. While there, two things happened. First, nearby where I was standing, a lady was carrying a watering can to refresh flowers placed at a gravesite.

All the while she was doing this, she was speaking on her cellphone, obviously loud enough for me to hear. I admire her devotion to taking care of a loved one's place of rest, but, really, couldn't that casual call have waited?

I was attempting to pray by my parents' final resting place. I would think that a certain decorum and respect would accompany a visit to any cemetery.

Secondly, on my way out, I passed an older couple with an unleashed dog walking in another grassy area of graves. I am a dog lover, and realize that the pet may have been close to whomever they were visiting, but, at the least, the dog should have been on leash, or left in the car. I don't know if I would care to have a pet roam over my family's or friends' graves. Even well-behaved dogs tend to mark territory. Please, next time a little reverence and respect.


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