Election Letter -- Oregon Legislature: Barreto

April 14, 2014 

Election year rolls around quickly for this senior citizen. Historically, a high percentage of seniors vote which is why candidates actively court senior citizens.

Elections are important and have consequences. Seniors live with the reality that these golden years require a lot of gold to survive.

I'm concerned that too many laws have been passed that sounded good but have later cropped up with unintended consequences, hurting ordinary citizens.

On May 23, we have the opportunity to vote for someone who has demonstrated he has much-needed common sense. Additionally, he has earned a lifetime reputation of honesty, loyalty, even humility; his integrity is unquestioned.

Greg Barreto is running to be Northeastern Oregon's representative in the Legislature. A proven leader, Greg has used his common-sense decisions to build a successful business -- a business that began with solving a problem 30 years ago and has grown into an international company that employs 83 people in La Grande.

We need this kind of man representing us in Salem -- someone who uses common sense to think through legislation and uncover those unintended consequences, protecting us. We need someone who has character we can trust.

This senior citizen is proud to be supporting Greg Barreto.

ROWENA PATTON, Enterprise, Ore.

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