Letter: Same-sex marriage

April 14, 2014 

We all live subject to natural law tempered by judgment. For instance, everyone must eat, but how much we eat depends on judgment. Reproduction is also part of natural law. Sex between a man and woman is nature's way of producing children. Is sex good or bad?

Humans experience desire for many things, including sex, but only when these desires are fulfilled according to good judgment will we find true happiness.

For example, the desire for food leads to either gluttony or nutritious eating; the desire for transcendence can lead either to drugs or to contemplative prayer. These drives all have opposite or dichotomous approaches. The main moderator is judgment. This is true of sex as well. Fulfillment of our natural drive to sex which bonds a man and woman together in marriage leads to real happiness while same-sex marriage leads to sorrow. What is better than a man and woman married 50 years, still in love, surrounded by the children of their union?

When you sort this all out, some foundational principals must guide our judgment. What foundation of judgment is better than Christian faith, based on love and forgiveness, but now being undermined in marriage and society?

D.P. DILLON, Kennewick

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