Letter: Amon Creek

April 13, 2014 

Was anyone else as insulted as I was by Kennewick Irrigation District's recent letter regarding Amon Creek? As a Willowbrook homeowner and 15-year homeowners association board member, I have been witness to a long series of KID's dysfunction because of small-time internal political battles resulting in constant regime change.

With the inflated salaries of the KID hierarchy, change has never been swift nor easy. The result has been a strong lack of continuity from one administration to the next. Always rediscovering the wheel, the resulting service has been less than stellar as our annual water bill's have increased dramatically.

Now it appears KID, with its newest regime, has seen fit to mark its territory, claiming Amon Creek (they call it a waste-way) as its own to do with as it pleases. The arrogance! That can only mean battle lines are being drawn for some grandiose scheme KID plans to implement in the future.

Will those changes affect the creek, compromising its natural beauty? I hope I'm wrong in my evaluation, but to quote a more circulated author, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." What are KID's plan for Amon Creek? Stay tuned.


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