Letter: Profits first

April 13, 2014 

These pot moratoriums are no more than a shriveling finger in the dike public indifference.

Sooner or later the moneyed interests (businesses) will push moralists to the roadside and get their way. That devilish money incentive always trumps such issues. Just like our blue laws have long since fallen. Now we sell hard liquor on Sunday mornings from gas station convenience stores, and we have all forms of gambling 24/7, porn 24/7, etc. All these moralist prohibitions have bowed to the almighty dollar imperative.

Personally, I don't bother looking to corporate personhood for any sense of morality whatsoever. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if big corporations have their marketing plans in place to promote and sell marijuana.

As we speak, they're probably ghost-writing legislation to promote it in states that aren't yet on board.

The public wants what it wants and business will always provide. Isn't capitalism, the free market and free enterprise wonderful?

PHIL CHURCH, West Richland

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