Fast Focus: 'What have you done to prepare for an emergency?' Updating information

April 13, 2014 

The latest thing I did to prepare for an emergency was to update my list of important phone numbers: bank, insurance company, doctor, etc. Over time things change and I had to bring it all up to date. I also have a list of phone numbers of friends and relatives. I put copies in my "flight bag" and copies with my emergency stuff. I then sent copies to my daughter.

I also checked to make sure I had an extra non-electric can opener -- and I do. The advice is to have a non-electric can opener, but I have an extra one, in case the one I am using breaks. (Ever notice that things break when you are using them?) I also found that I needed to buy more jars of aspirin, one for the "flight bag" and one for the emergency stuff.

As a child, I lived almost on top of the San Andreas Fault, and since then have lived in typhoon, hurricane, blizzard and flood areas and have not experienced a disastrous emergency. It is probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing for those who do experience such an event. We all should be prepared.


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