Fast Focus: 'What have you done to prepare for an emergency?' Watchful care

April 13, 2014 

At age 86, numerous bloody accidents drove me from my unsafe home into assisted living quarters in December where I avoid such emergencies.

Unfortunately, frozen pipes burst on the third floor after my furniture was half moved in, and tenants were removed from their apartments for overnight. A few apartments were flooded and ruined, but accommodations were arranged for residents with families or friends, including me.

My furniture spent the night in the truck in the parking lot. My friend Mildred offered a warm bed, hot bath, pajamas and a new toothbrush. The next day the movers settled the furniture into my undamaged apartment where I have been safe ever since from falling down with gashes and weekly trips to the Kadlec wound center.

But in April, a workman stepped on a fire sprinkler and set off the water main, which flooded several residents out of their apartments, again not mine. Personnel brought sandwiches and fruit and water while most of us, including me, waited for the "all clear" back to our safe apartments.

For an emergency, I will not purchase and carry a 3-gallon jug of water to my apartment; but I have found a lifetime supply of new toothbrushes from airlines and hotel rooms, will grab a flashlight, my bag of medications, Kleenex, and may cultivate a habit of keeping a smaller bottle of water in my fridge! The employees efficiently took care of us during previous emergencies. I also have a small wine cellar, just in case, and at my age I'm too old to care.

-- LAUREL PIIPPO, Richland

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