No new problem found at Plymouth natural gas facility

Tyler Richardson

April 11, 2014 

Williams Explosion Vapors

A cloud of liquified natural gas vapors leaks from the compromised storage tank at the Williams Northwest Pipeline facility following Monday's explosion at the complex near Plymouth.

BOB BRAWDY — Tri-City Herald Buy Photo

Firefighters in Plymouth were called to the liquefied natural gas facility Friday morning after residents across the Columbia River in Oregon spotted white clouds coming from a tank, said a fire official.

The clouds were water vapors that normally come from the tank and there was no problem at the facility, said Chief Roland Watt with Benton Fire District 6.

“Early in the morning there’s a lot of humidity in the air and the cold vapor from the tanks condenses the air into white clouds,” Watt said. “That’s what they saw. We responded and were assured everything was OK.”

A tank at the plant is leaking following an explosion March 31 that caused the evacuation of Plymouth.

Crews are working to drain the damaged tank to inspect it.

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