Letter: Same-sex marriage

April 10, 2014 

Letter: Same-sex marriage

As an atheist and evolutionist, who believes same-sex marriage is an individual right, I find the morality pimping being conducted by the left far more destructive than the poor capitalistic behavior of the religious right.

I sometimes think the political left views the ideal human as a naked savage, living in a mud-floored cave, spouting lofty floating abstractions -- all rights are for the brain (ideas) -- none to the body (material results of ideas). Thus, they see no rights when the disposition of material goods becomes an issue. To them, those who demand material goods or related services are exercising a legal and moral priority over the owner of those goods and services.

Refusing to contract with someone -- for any reason -- is not coercion. Coercion is when the physical force of government is used to impose a contract based on one's personal morality.

The destruction of all rights begins with a campaign against the least ideal practitioners of a particular right.

To compare slavery -- a blatant violation of rights -- to the refusal of a business to enter into an exchange of material goods, is an egregious insult to those who've suffered under slavery.


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