Letter: TLC appreciated

April 9, 2014 

About two years ago, I watched from my front steps as an ambulance arrived in the next block. I saw the quick, professional goings-on until the patient was whisked away to the hospital. All the while, I said silent prayers for the successful outcome of their efforts. I also thought about cities and states where leaders, dealing with the economy, take austerity measures that might reduce personnel and hinder response time.

Early last summer, I experienced some "down time" of my own. First responders and Kadlec Regional Medical Center performed all the vital, life-sustaining measures.

About a month later, I woke up in Idaho, moving all limbs, recognizing faces, getting rid of tubes, eating, getting therapy and making an amazing recovery. I've heard the word "miraculous." The good wishes and prayers of friends, strangers and relatives near and far brought a treasure trove of good happenings.

I hope our local governments continue to recognize the importance of quick response time, efficiency and, oh yes, those parking spaces that are so precious to a recovering body. (I only needed mine about two weeks.) And remember, it's not always the driver who needs it.

Despite what some politicians say, there are some things people just can't do for themselves.


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