KID needs more donations for Helping Hands program

By the Tri-City HeraldApril 8, 2014 

The Kennewick Irrigation District can't accept any new applications for the Helping Hands program unless more donations are received.

The program, paid for by donations and a designated percentage of KID delinquency fees, helps low-income customers pay irrigation assessments so they keep their homes from being foreclosed on.

Under state law, KID must foreclose on properties after three years of skipped assessment payments. KID officials have focused more on using Helping Hands to prevent this since 2011.

KID has helped 121 customers with irrigation assessment since 2011. That totals almost $39,500 in paid assessments.

KID officials say the program has been successful, but there is an overwhelming amount of need. KID already has pledged the full Helping Hands budget for this year.

If more donations are received, then KID will reopen the program to eligible customers.

Pasco-based Community Action Connections qualifies customers based on their income for financial assistance with their annual assessment. Each customer has a minimum amount they pay too.

Most Helping Hands recipients are seniors with income significantly below the poverty level.

Any changes in the program status will be posted on KID's website and at its office located at 12 W. Kennewick Ave.

To donate to the Helping Hands program, call the KID Finance Department at 509-586-9111.

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