Letter: Good question about how we vote

April 8, 2014 

Bill Petrie hits the proverbial nail on the head with his letter of March 31, "Banana Republic." Indeed, "Why do many wage earners vote against their self-interest?" befuddles this voter's mind as well.

Case in point: The VW plant in Tennessee. Company officials wanted a union there to better serve the workers but Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., wailed and whined how such a move would be nefarious, destructive, bring calamity and might very well jeopardize their jobs. He preached fear. The majority listened to their senator, their uber-rich senator, much to the amazement of company chieftains.

And doesn't the GOP do redistricting to make voting difficult for a certain segments of society -- the middle and lower classes -- that traditionally go Democrat?

All of these social programs involving higher wages, day care, better health plans, food stamps, Medicare and Social Security, better funding for higher education and much more, all aim at, yep, the marginalized 99 percent of America -- not a priority of today's Congress, especially the GOP.

Petrie asks a good question. Where are we headed ultimately, I can't project. But it looks like an unenviable future -- unless, of course, you're in the 1 percent with your minions in Congress.

BINK OWEN, Walla Walla

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