Letter: Obama's second term

April 8, 2014 

The Obama administration has had more flexibility to cater to Vladimir Putin now that he President Obama is in his second term.

Obama would like nothing better than to draw everyone's attention away from his Obamacare and his other 25 screw-ups, with the help of his cabinet. But don't forget Sen. Harry Reid and his accomplice, our own Sen. Patty Murray.

Murray needs to go back school so she can learn that she is supposed to be responsible to all voters in Washington and all voters in the United States.

Why is Obama in the chair of the president of the United States? He has got to have set a record for the greatest con artist ever.

Illegal immigrants? There would be no illegal Mexican immigrants if we annex Mexico. Mexico has never had a stable government from day one. We had it twice but gave it back. It must not have been politically correct.

Why don't we ask the Mexicans if they want to vote for annexation?


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