Letters: State park donation

April 8, 2014 

Let me bring your attention to the Department of Licensing. When you get your renewal notice, do you really look at all of the charges? If you just rip off the bottom of the bill and write a check, you might want to look at it.

On the top of the page on the back of the bill is a breakdown of what you owe. Let's say it's $43.75. Under that they ask you for a donation of $5 for state parks. Under that is a total of $48.75. Now to the ripped-off portion of the bill. They start an itemized list with $48.75 (not $43.75 -- what you really owe, but what they've added) then again they ask your for a donation of $5. If you choose to add that $5 because you think your bill is $48.75, it now brings your license tabs to $53.75. You have now given the state $10 for parks.

They are counting on you to ignore the upper portion of your bill and just tear off the bottom. The state is blatantly cheating the public by the way the bill is set up.

A quick note on the state parks -- they overcharge for campsites, and volunteers clean up the trails for free! So investigate before you hand over your dollars.

DEBORAH RYAN, West Richland

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