Convicted killer sought in Tri-City drug case

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City HeraldApril 7, 2014 

A convicted killer is wanted for skipping his court hearing on a new case involving cocaine and drug paraphernalia allegedly found in his car.

As of Monday, Ashone Micah Hollinquest had yet to be found and arrested on the no-bail warrant issued last week by Superior Court Judge Vic VanderSchoor.

Hollinquest, 27, is charged in Franklin County Superior Court with possessing cocaine stemming from a Jan. 16 arrest outside a Pasco fast food restaurant.

The Richland man previously pleaded innocent and was scheduled for trial May 21. He was out of custody on his personal recognizance.

Hollinquest's lawyer, Albert Lin, told VanderSchoor he didn't know why his client wasn't in court.

Hollinquest is no stranger to the judicial system. He's had cases in Benton and Franklin courts -- including a second-degree manslaughter conviction for the 2008 death of a 19-year-old Pasco woman -- and a gun charge in federal court that later was thrown out on an appeal.

In the most recent case, Pasco police were called to the McDonald's on Road 68 for reports of a suspicious vehicle.

According to the court documents, a manager told police she feared a driver was going to rob the restaurant because he appeared to be hiding his face and only rolled his window down far enough to slip money to an employee at the drive-up window.

A male passenger reportedly took the food at the next window. The men then parked in the lot and the passenger got out.

Pasco Officer Anthony Haworth said a check of the license plate found the vehicle was associated with Hollinquest. He said there was a metal tin with a mirror in the back seat and a plastic bag on top -- both items are common ways to package and transport drugs, court documents said.

A female passenger get out of the car but Hollinquest allegedly refused and officers, who had their guns drawn, used force to arrest him.

The tin in the back seat held syringes and residue that tested positive for methamphetamine, said police.

A plastic baggie with a white, rock substance that tested positive for cocaine was found on the driver's side floorboard under where Hollinquest was sitting, and a glass smoking device commonly used to smoke crack cocaine was on the driver's seat, court documents said.

A bag of white powder that was packaged similar to other drugs also was found under the driver's seat, but it didn't test positive for a narcotic at the scene and has been sent to a crime lab for testing, documents said.

Officers allegedly seized "many syringes and paraphernalia" throughout the vehicle.

Hollinquest's manslaughter conviction stemmed from a shooting in June 2008.

He was out on the town with friend Marnicus Lockhard and Lockhard's girlfriend, Tiairra Garcia. The Pasco teen was driving the men around to bars when she was shot in the torso.

Hollinquest said he was handing the gun to Lockhard when it went off.

The men left Garcia to die instead of seeking medical attention or taking her home to her mother. Her body was wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a suitcase, then dumped the next day in Mount Rainier National Park. She wasn't found until July 2009.

Hollinquest left town with his girlfriend but was arrested later that summer in Arizona after a nationwide manhunt.

Hollinquest later admitted stealing a rental car to skip town after Garcia went missing. That car eventually was found abandoned and burned outside Chicago.

He got two months in jail on the theft case, and a reduced sentence of 12 months for the manslaughter because his help on the investigation.

Lockhard, a convicted felon, was given eight years and one month in prison.

Five months later, Hollinquest and his roommate were arrested for allegedly carrying loaded guns outside a Pasco hotel.

Hollinquest was charged in U.S. District Court in 2010 with possession of a gun by a prohibited person. He entered a conditional plea of guilty, which meant he reserved his right to appeal on the issue of the traffic stop.

Hollinquest was sentenced to two years and six months in federal prison. But in 2011, the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals reversed the conviction after finding that Pasco police had insufficient reason to conduct the stop.

The case ultimately was dismissed because all evidence seized from the SUV had to be thrown out.

If Hollinquest is convicted of the current cocaine charge, he could be looking at six months in county jail to 1 1/2 years in state prison.

-- Kristin M. Kraemer: 582-1531;; Twitter: @KristinMKraemer

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